Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Wife - The Best Thing Happened In My Life

As my blog name says... The world is filled with love and I love this world. Let me start my blog with my love then.

Yes, I am talking about my wife. She is the best thing happened in my life. The more I am with her more I get closer to her.....

(Resh and me at beautiful flower fields of Carlsbad, CA)

I met her first on Aug 10 2004 on the Infosys (the company we both work for) shuttle bus back from office. I was on front row seat on left side of the bus and she was sitting 2-3 rows back on the right side. One thing I noticed in that bus was, she was calm and quite even though that bus was almost filled with her collage mates who were all talking to each other and making loud noises. Now the question is how I saw her when she was sitting behind me. There was a shaded glass on the back of driver seat on which I got a clear reflection. Don’t worry guys am not talking about love at first sight here. On that day she was noticeable on that bus because of her calm nature (on that day ;) not calm always :)).

Thus we met each other every day, started smiles… One fine day she was added to my friends list as we were sitting in adjacent chairs in our training room. By the time we both knew, our friendship had grown to an extent were we both couldn’t stay away from each other for a second.

And then we thought of binding our souls in the form of marriage. Even though there were few troubles and obstacles ahead, with God’s grace and our parent’s and family’s blessings we were bound on March 31 2008.

(Resh and me on our marriage day with my father, mother and sister)

(Resh and me on our marriage day with her sister, father and mother)

I am so grateful to the God for giving me a chance to know my love and binding our souls together. May the same good God grace us with happiness and love in our life.

Below is a video created by our loving friends on our wedding occasion.

Credit for the video goes to Manu, Nithya, Soumya, Abhaya and those who are involved in the video.


  1. Adam, in Adam's Diary :
    After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her.

    Kudos Sree, Love your post!!!
    U know, we can never consider lack of love in our marriages... murder at times, but never lack of love! :)


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